Hallberg Ecology Camp

a project of the Arkansas Audubon Society

Plans are being made to resume the camps this June. Please return to this site for updates on the June 2022 camps. Also, refer to the Arkansas Audubon Society website for updates.

The Arkansas Audubon Society Halberg Ecology Camp is held each June at Camp Clearfork, a U.S. Forest Service camp between Hot Springs and Mt. Ida. Starting in 2001 the camp expanded to two sessions (from one in past years) with each June session having up to 50 current 5th and 6th grade boys and girls.

Camp Requirements:

Requirements to attend include students needing to have completed the 5th or 6th grade just before the start of camp and display an interest in the natural sciences. We do seek input from the teachers of prospective students to verify their interest in science and also their good behavior in an education setting.

A total of 24 first-year campers are invited back to the following year's camp to study advanced ecology.  Twelve of those second-year, or "senior", campers attend each session. 'Senior campers stay together as a group and work with the same two instructors all week long working on advanced ecology. This is a more intense learning experience that is reserved for those students who in the view of the camp staff would benefit most from such an experience.