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Halberg Ecology Camp

Bluebird Trails

Blue bird trails at three different sites are monitored. Each February the bluebird boxes are surveyed and houses replaced or repaired. Dates and plans are shared at the regular monthly meeting the second Thursday evening of February.

Cleaning Bluebird BoxesFebruary 10th, 2021, a misty, cold day, Larry Bissell, Wayne & Marty Lynch surveyed one of the two WasteWater Plant sites for Eastern Bluebirds & their nest boxes. On Feb 7th, at the other WasteWater Plant, Loretta West, Ron Kew, and Jerry Davis surveyed it. Nests are completed cleaned of previous next material, repairs made or the house replaced. 

Saw-whet Owl Research

Mitchell Pruitt, PhD candidate at Univ of AR, Fayetteville, is entering his 8th year of research on these small owls. Studying this little creature at the fringes of its range can be challenging, including the low number of migrants experienced in the recent past. Last year, things began looking up with 15 saw-whet owls captured! This year, folks to our north are reporting good numbers so far, including lots of hatch year owls. This bodes well for us down south, so let's hope the trend holds as they move into the Ozarks!

If the trend holds, none of us will want to miss out on this migration! In order to keep the project relevant and collect useful data, we embarked on some new and exciting research objectives last fall. This year, they'll continue! Though continuing to collect interesting data is a must, funding is a limiting factor. For this field season, set to span late-October to late-February, we need to raise $1730. Below you will find a link to donate. Thank you for your consideration and selfless contributions, any little bit helps!

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Saw-whet Owl photo by Mitchell PruittMitchell Pruitt’s Saw-whet owl Research Project